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Weekly Writing Goals: August, week 4

Weekly Writing Goals: August, week 4

Holy shit is August really over already? O.O

On the plus side, it’s been a SUPER productive week. We found some new characters, and we’ve already cracked 20k with them. This is not counting the work I’ve gotten done on Ash’s story and Miri’s story, or the editing I’ve done on Rain’s story and Asylum.

This has been a super good writing week you guys. So excited. :)

Rain’s story

Updates: My main…

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Being able to write becomes a kind of shield, a way of hiding, a way to instantly transforming pain into honey.
John Updike (via maxkirin)

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LBB has a name!

LBB has a name!

Been working on Ash’s story again, for no real reason I can figure out, and the infamous LBB (short for Lord Baddy Butt, if you’ll recall) finally has a name!

…unfortunately, it’s not the name I’d come up with for him driving home for Christmas a few months ago. That name was PERFECT, but alas, it didn’t get written down, and I completely forgot it.

But I ran this name by him in the text and it…

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