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Weekly Writing Goals: July, week 4

Weekly Writing Goals: July, week 4

WOW! Have I really lost a week already? Man, time does fly when you’re buried in your work. Fortunately, for once, this work has not been work work. Cait and I are plugging away at Asylum, and I even got past a major speed bump in Rain’s story! Totally feel all accomplished this week. :)

Rain’s story

Current Progress: COMPLETED! Undergoing it’s first round of edits and beta reading, about…

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A fun little side-trip - Bonus “behind the scenes” post

A fun little side-trip – Bonus “behind the scenes” post


I have been waist deep in Asylum edits all weekend (all week? I can’t tell anymore) and this was EXACTLY the laugh I needed. Serious comments are nice, but I can totally relate to the need from some laughter to break up the “EDITING! MUST TAKE SELF COMPLETELY SERIOUSLY!!!! RARRRR!”

Go forth, have a laugh. I’m sure it is much needed (I know it was much needed here. And now, back to…

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