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Tumblr Highlights: August

August has come to a close, but don’t be sad. Here’s a last hurrah, with my Tumblr highlights from August.

This photo set just plain inspires me. To do what, I’m not sure, but I love it so.

Some really sweet tats made it to the blog this month, including this lovely that just screamed a Zig/Tripp collab to me.

The Dances of Asylum tag had some stunning additions this month as well, including this…

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Old Habits

It’s been a while since I’ve written any poetry. Figures I’d fall back on the same old habits. :P 

I will forever and always and unashamedly champion the accidental pun.

So there. XP


Old Habits

I wake in a bad place,

Raw from the pleasure of your company.

Roll over from spooning your memory

into the waiting arms of my vices:

The Bailey’s in coffee is all you,

The cigarettes are all me.

-that was supposed to be funny.

Once upon a time,

I’d have strapped on the comforts of pain and confinement

Now Love and Joy decorate my arms.

It’s still feels about the same, but it’s something.

A step in the right direction.

I don’t even actually miss you.

It’s not the heartache of your loss tangling in my hair.

I am simply so accustoming to singing of you when I mourn

that it feels better to tell myself that’s what’s really wrong.

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It’s like I’m pregnant- with ideas

I just ate a bowl of potato salad mixed with tuna.

It really wasn’t that bad. The tuna was a pre-mixed can (lemon pepper) and was too dry. The potato salad was supposed to be a for a work meet, but I forgot to take it with, so I’ve been eating potato salad for the past three days. Greek yogurt and dill, btw, so you can really appreciate just how strange a meal it was.

The pregnant with ideas part…

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